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Eyelash Lift

Affordable Eyelash Lift Near Me: Book With Cody Co Lashes Today!

As your eyes are the windows to your soul, your eyelashes must at least be window-frames! Eyelash lifts and eyelash extensions have become incredibly popular in recent years as more individuals are coming to terms with the long-lasting benefits. Today, we want to go into detail comparing lash lifts and eyelash extensions so that you can find the perfect service for your needs.

Let's start our conversation by outlining the difference between lash lifts and lash extensions. A lash extension is a process that involves the individual application of synthetic eyelashes to your natural lashes. These services can last for weeks at a time while providing you with round-the-clock coverage. Lash lifts are slightly different in that they curl your natural lash from the base all the way to the tip to stretch your lash to their fullest lengths. Lash lifts are ideal for clients that have medium-to-long eyelashes and would prefer not to pursue lash extensions.

Our lashes have natural shapes to them, so finding the best eyelash lift near you can allow you to maximize my own unique appearances. Lash lift services are undertaken by a licensed and reputable esthetician who is certified to work as a lash artist. Lash lifts will typically begin with a consultation as you and your lash artist discuss what your ultimate beauty goals are. After discussing your needs with the best eyelash lift near me, my esthetician will leap into action to begin the process.

Traditionally, a lash lift treatment will take roughly 45 to 60 minutes from start to finish. Professional lash lifts like those at Cody Co Lashes can last anywhere from four to six weeks, depending on the natural growth of your eyelashes. For the first 24 hours following your lash lift, avoid makeup and water touching your lashes until the lift can set.

Contact the team at Cody Co Lashes today for the best eyelash lift in Anderson, SC!

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