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Semi-Permanent Lashes

Level Up Your Style With Semi-Permanent Lashes at Cody Co Lashes!

Eyelash extensions are some of the most unique and enjoyable beauty services available. Simple to apply but incredibly effective for transforming your look, finding professional semi-permanent lashes can change your entire beauty routine. Today, we want to discuss the advantages of semi-permanent lashes as well as the benefits of regular lash fill services to ensure that your extensions continue to look their best.

First, we need to understand why you should consider semi-permanent lashes. Eyelash extensions are simply synthetic lashes that are individually attached to your pre-existing natural lashes. Lash extensions come in a variety of styles based on your ultimate goal. Do you want to fill out your sparse brows? Do you want to add a dramatic touch to darken your eyes? Do you want something in between?

After hiring a licensed lash artist to install your semi-permanent lashes, you will find them to be incredibly convenient. With little in the way of maintenance, you need only wake up to enjoy the benefit of your lash extension services! As far as maintenance goes, regular visits for lash fill services with Cody Co Lashes can ensure that your extensions are always looking their best.

Depending on the style of eyelash extension that you choose, lash fills could be required once a week for up to three weeks at a time to ensure maximum coverage. In order to learn more about your lash fill requirements, be sure to discuss your needs with Cody Co during your consultation.

Cody Co Lashes was established by Cody Bryan, a licensed esthetician from Anderson, SC. Dedicated to the art of lash fill services, Cody endeavors to share his passion and commitment to beauty with every client that steps through the doors of his business. Whether you are looking for new semi-permanent lashes or a maintenance lash fill, Cody Co Lashes can help!

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