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Professional Eyelash Extensions

Enjoy Professional Eyelash Extensions at Cody Co Lashes!

Eyelash extensions can make dreams come true, at least when discussing the beauty world. Professional eyelash extensions are sought after beauty services that can help you embrace your natural beauty while enhancing it with the assistance of professional lash extensions. Lash extension services have grown in popularity over the years, so let's take a moment to discuss the benefits and practical expectations you should have going into your service with Cody Co Lashes.

Are you looking to book your first ever lash extension service? Are you nervous about what to expect or confused as to what you are getting yourself into? When we discuss professional eyelash extensions, we are talking about a service that involves the individual attachment of synthetic fibers to your current natural lashes. These synthetic lashes are applied with a special lash adhesive that allows for a firm yet comfortable hold. Every lash set and lash extension service performed by Cody Co Lashes is customized and uniquely tailored to the individual. Customized professional eyelash extensions come in a variety of styles including Classic, Hybrid, and Volume.

1) Classic Lash Extensions - Classic lashing is a simple technique that involves the attachment of a single extension to an isolated lash. Classic lash extension services are ideal for adding both length and fullness to your natural eyelashes.

2) Hybrid Lash Extensions - Hybrid extensions involve the application of classic lashes in addition to volume lashes. Hybrid lash extensions can provide great coverage for clients with fine or even sparse lashes.

3) Volume Lash Extensions - Volume lash extensions are significantly newer than the two prior services. Volume extensions give clients a more full and lush look, a dramatic service for someone looking for a fashionable flair!

Professional eyelash extensions are an ideal service for clients looking to improve their confidence, change their look, and embrace their inner beauty. Whether you want to pursue classic, hybrid, or volume lash extension services, Cody Co Lashes is prepared to help.

After booking your lash extension service, be sure to discuss lash fills with Cody Co Lashes. Regular lash fills can extend the lifespan of your lash extensions while maximizing the impact and effect of the service.

Cody Co Lashes was founded by Cody Bryan in Anderson, SC. With three years of experience as a licensed esthetician and two years of experience as a leading lash artist, Cody Co Lashes is ready to help you with the customized lash extensions and eyelash extension products that you need to feel great about your lashes.

Contact Cody Co Lashes today to book your next appointment!

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