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Volume Lashes

Where Can I Get Beautiful Volume Lashes Near Me?

A turn toward the camera, a pivot on the red carpet. A flash, a smile, a gasp. Volume eyelashes are all of the rage in Hollywood and they certainly have become popular across the world, as well. These stunning lash extensions originated in Russia where artists like Olga Debronravova and Irina Levchuck made the service so popular. Now, it is easy to find great volume lashes near you when you head to Cody Co Lashes! Let's take a brief walk through the benefits and advantages that volume lashes can provide!

Advantages of Volume Eyelashes With Cody Co Lashes

When you think of volume lashes, what first comes to mind? American volume lashes may differ from Russian volume lashes, but only slightly. When we talk about volume eyelashes, we are discussing textured, layered, and potentially dramatic-looking eyelashes. These extensions are typically installed when clients want to maximize the fullness of their look while maintaining a natural appearance.

1) Great For Sparse Lashes - Volume lashing is ideal for clients who have sparse natural eyelashes. Volume lashing can be incorporated into your routine to provide a fuller look that is as natural as it is enjoyable. Each volume extension is customized and tailored for the individual client.

2) Dramatic Look - The calling card of volume lashes is the dramatic look that they offer. Whether you are going out to a fancy dinner or hitting the town with friends, your dramatic volume eyelashes will be the talk of the town!

Cody Co Lashes was founded by Cody Bryan, a professional lash artist and licensed esthetician in Anderson, SC. Cody Co Lashes has two years of lash artist experience as well as a passion for providing clients with empowering and beautiful services. If you are looking for access to the best volume eyelashes near me, book your session with Cody Co Lashes, today!

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